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UsbDevice: Base Class for USB Devices
[SysToMath USB Device C++ Library]

Collaboration diagram for UsbDevice: Base Class for USB Devices:

Detailed Description

Base class for USB devices neutralizing the native operating system interfaces.


file  usbdevice.hpp
 Base class stm::UsbDevice forming the ANSI-C++ API for libusb controlled USB devices.


struct  stm::UsbPipe
 Type specifying the configuration, the interface, the alternate setting, and the endpoint of the USB pipe to be used for a USB bulk or interrupt transfer. More...
struct  stm::UsbCtrl
 Type specifying the request type encoding the transfer direction, the value and the index of a USB control request. More...
class  stm::UsbDevice
 Class defining the C++ API for a libusb controlled USB device inheriting the generic stm::Device C++ API. More...
struct  stm::UsbDevice::InterfaceClass
 Type describing a libusb controlled USB device interface class. More...

© Copyright Tom Michaelis 2002-2007

Distributed under the SysToMath Software License (See the accompanying file license.txt or a copy at www.SysToMath.com).