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stm::db::sql::table::field::format Struct Reference

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Detailed Description

Definition at line 340 of file dbsql.hpp.

Public Member Functions

 format (std::string colTitle=std::string(), boost::function< type(const row &)> renderFct=0, int length=-1, int precision=-1)

Public Attributes

std::string title
boost::function< type(const row &)> render
int len
int prec

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

stm::db::sql::table::field::format::format ( std::string  colTitle = std::string(),
boost::function< type(const row &)>  renderFct = 0,
int  length = -1,
int  precision = -1 

Member Data Documentation

std::string stm::db::sql::table::field::format::title

Definition at line 350 of file dbsql.hpp.

boost::function<type (const row &)> stm::db::sql::table::field::format::render

Definition at line 351 of file dbsql.hpp.

int stm::db::sql::table::field::format::len

Definition at line 352 of file dbsql.hpp.

int stm::db::sql::table::field::format::prec

Definition at line 353 of file dbsql.hpp.

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