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stm::fmtflags Struct Reference
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Detailed Description

Base class of class template stm::hexfmt specifying format flags.

Definition at line 1177 of file divaids.hpp.

Public Types

enum  {
  NoFlags = 0x00000000,
  NoPrefix = 0x00000001,
  LowerCase = 0x00000002
 Bitwise orable flags. More...

Member Enumeration Documentation

anonymous enum

Bitwise orable flags.

NoFlags  No flags.
NoPrefix  Omit the hex prefix "0x".
LowerCase  Render hexadecimal digits in lower case.

Definition at line 1180 of file divaids.hpp.

© Copyright Tom Michaelis 2002-2007

Distributed under the SysToMath Software License (See the accompanying file license.txt or a copy at www.SysToMath.com).