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stm::numpstring Class Reference
[FilesysAids: File System Aids]

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Detailed Description

Class to represent a file system name with a case unsensitive order relation on Windows systems else with a case case sensitive order relation collating numerically correct.

This means that trailing numbers in path names yield their logical order: eg. xyz9 < xyz10, and xyz001 < xyz2.

Definition at line 203 of file filesysaids.hpp.

Public Member Functions

 numpstring (const std::string &path=std::string())
 Constructs a numpstring representing path.
 numpstring (const char *path)
 Constructs a numpstring representing path.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

stm::numpstring::numpstring ( const std::string &  path = std::string()  ) 

Constructs a numpstring representing path.

stm::numpstring::numpstring ( const char *  path  ) 

Constructs a numpstring representing path.

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