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SysToMath Base C Library

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Detailed Description

SysToMath Base C Library (stmbase).

The SysToMath Base C Library consists of an object with some basic definitions and several objects providing various abstract data types facilitating some basic computational tasks.


file  base.h
 Central include file for SysToMath Base C library.


 AccessLock: Access Control of Thread Resources
 Abstract data type controlling the access to StmThread object resources.
 Basetype: Basic Macro and Type Definitions
 Basic macro and type definitions depending on system specific settings.
 Cpipe: Multi-Stage Filter Chain of Data Pipes
 Abstract data types providing multi-stage filter chains between a data drain and a data sink connected through data pipes.
 Dpool: Dynamic Pools of Fixed-Sized Elements
 Abstract data type modelling dynamic pools of fixed size.
 Dset: Associative Set and Map Containers
 Abstract set, multiset, map and multimap types modelling associative containers for objects of configurable element types.
 Dvec: Dynamic Vectors and Character Strings
 Family of abstract data types modelling dynamic vectors of type elements and dynamic character strings.
 Getopts: Parse Command Line and Generate Manual Text
 Parse commend line options and generate manual text in man page format.
 Match: Pattern Matching with Regular Expressions
 Pattern matching and match result processing in character strings by means of regular expressions with embedded action functions.
 Recurs: Recurse a Directory Tree
 Recurse the directory tree spanned by a root directory or traverse a directory chain from a root directory to a given descendant directory.
 System: Operating System Dependent Facilities
 Offer operating system dependent facilities with an operating system independent interface for console input, system time, process handling, threading, thread and process synchronization.
 Unique: System-unique Singletons and Thread-specific Data
 Family of abstract data types modelling system-unique singletons and thread-specific data items.

© Copyright Tom Michaelis 2002-2007

Distributed under the SysToMath Software License (See the accompanying file license.txt or a copy at www.SysToMath.com).