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Abstract Data Type StmReadOnlyTicket
[Abstract Data Type StmAccessLock]

Collaboration diagram for Abstract Data Type StmReadOnlyTicket:

Detailed Description

A valid StmReadOnlyTicket grants read only access to a resource protected by a valid StmAccessLock object.


A valid StmReadOnlyTicket object can be achieved only as non-NULL return value of stmAccessLockTakeReadOnly(), stmAccessLockTryReadOnly() or stmAccessLockConvertReadWrite() and grants read access for the thread having obtained it.

StmReadOnlyTicket objects with the value NULL are invalid or undefined.


file  StmReadOnlyTicketAdtDoc.h
 Documentation of the abstract structure data type type StmReadOnlyTicket.

StmReadOnlyTicket Representation

An object of abstract data type StmReadOnlyTicket is represented as a pointer to its implementation.

typedef struct
 Type name of implementation structure.
typedef StmReadOnlyTicketImpl_StmReadOnlyTicket
 Pointer to implementation.
typedef const
 Pointer to constant implementation.

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct StmReadOnlyTicketImpl_ StmReadOnlyTicketImpl_

Type name of implementation structure.

Definition at line 60 of file StmReadOnlyTicketAdtDoc.h.

typedef StmReadOnlyTicketImpl_* StmReadOnlyTicket

Pointer to implementation.

Definition at line 63 of file StmReadOnlyTicketAdtDoc.h.

typedef const StmReadOnlyTicketImpl_* ConstStmReadOnlyTicket

Pointer to constant implementation.

Definition at line 66 of file StmReadOnlyTicketAdtDoc.h.

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