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dpool.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Specification of data types and functions for dynamic pools of fixed-sized elements.

2007-11-03 15:21:04 (Tom)
Tom Michaelis
Wittelsbacherstr. 7
D-80469 Munich
This C header file contains declarations of data types and functions specifying dynamic pools of fixed-sized elements. They are implemented in the C inline file _dpool.h and the C program file dpool.c belonging to the SysToMath Base C Library stmbase.

Definition in file dpool.h.

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StmDpool Creation and Destruction

StmDpool stmDpoolCreate (size_t elsize)
 Creation of a new StmDpool object.
void stmDpoolDestroy (StmDpool dpool)
 Destruction of the StmDpool object dpool.

StmDpool Method Functions

int stmDpoolElsize (StmDpool dpool)
 Return the byte length of the elements held by the StmDpool object dpool.
int stmDpoolElcount (StmDpool dpool)
 Return the number of elements currently allocated from the StmDpool object dpool.
void * stmDpoolAllocate (StmDpool dpool)
 Allocate an element from the StmDpool object dpool and return its address.
void stmDpoolFree (void *buf)
 Give the pool element with address buf back to its StmDpool.

© Copyright Tom Michaelis 2002-2007

Distributed under the SysToMath Software License (See the accompanying file license.txt or a copy at www.SysToMath.com).