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StmSystemUniqueSampleMboxTypeDoc.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Documentation of the abstract system-unique singelton type StmSystemUniqueSampleMboxType.

This C header is generated automatically by the AWK script mksystemuniquetypedoc.awk, which expands the variables Group, ItemType and TimeoutMs.

Definition in file StmSystemUniqueSampleMboxTypeDoc.h.

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StmSystemUniqueSampleMboxType Representation

An object of abstract data type StmSystemUniqueSampleMboxType is represented as a StmSharedMemorySampleMboxType object.

Valid objects of type StmSystemUniqueSampleMboxType can be achieved only as return values of stmSystemUniqueSampleMboxTypeCreate(). Moreover, variables of type StmSystemUniqueSampleMboxType may have the value NULL meaning invalid or undefined.

 Object type.
 Constant object type.

StmSystemUniqueSampleMboxType Creation and Destruction

stmSystemUniqueSampleMboxTypeCreate (void *data)
 Creation of a new StmSystemUniqueSampleMboxType object.
static int stmSystemUniqueSampleMboxTypeDestroy (StmSystemUniqueSampleMboxType sui)
 Destruction of the StmSystemUniqueSampleMboxType object sui.

StmSystemUniqueSampleMboxType Method Functions

static int stmSystemUniqueSampleMboxTypeInitStatus (StmSystemUniqueSampleMboxType sui)
 Get the initialization status of the system-unique SampleMboxType object.
static int stmSystemUniqueSampleMboxTypeAdjustChild (StmSystemUniqueSampleMboxType sui)
 Adjust the system-unique SampleMboxType object after a fork system call.
static SampleMboxType stmSystemUniqueSampleMboxTypeItem (StmSystemUniqueSampleMboxType sui)
 Get the system-unique SampleMboxType object.
static SampleMboxType stmSystemUniqueSampleMboxTypeLock (StmSystemUniqueSampleMboxType sui)
 Lock and get the system-unique SampleMboxType object.
static SampleMboxType stmSystemUniqueSampleMboxTypeTryLock (StmSystemUniqueSampleMboxType sui)
 Try to lock and get the system-unique SampleMboxType object.
static SampleMboxType stmSystemUniqueSampleMboxTypeTimedLock (StmSystemUniqueSampleMboxType sui, StmInt64 absTimeMs)
 Try to lock and get the system-unique SampleMboxType object till the number absTimeMs of milliseconds elapsed since the Epoch (1970-01-01).
static int stmSystemUniqueSampleMboxTypeUnlock (StmSystemUniqueSampleMboxType sui)
 Unlock the system-unique SampleMboxType object.

© Copyright Tom Michaelis 2002-2007

Distributed under the SysToMath Software License (See the accompanying file license.txt or a copy at www.SysToMath.com).